Perhaps you’re clear about the transformation you’re after. Or perhaps you simply realize that something has to change -- but you’re not sure where to start. Anytime we’re in one of those zones, we can benefit from someone who has been to that rodeo before (our founder, Ben, is from Texas).

However you perceive the size and impact of the knot you’re in, we’ll coach you through it. We’ll help you identify the conditions that will lead to meaningful, lasting change -- personally, professionally, or both. If you’re stuck, we’ll help you get unstuck. If you’ve hit the wall, we’ll help you get over it -- and back to a place that helps you realize your full potential.

Great coaches are more than a sounding board. We’re trusted advisors and all that suggests. A big part of our authentic self (we’ll talk about yours in our first meeting) is doing what great coaches do: connect, understand what’s going on, cut through the clutter, and identify a path forward.



Your authentic self is the version that’s most true to your core strengths: the whole you, the integrated you. 

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executive coaching

We work with clients who’ve encountered challenges at work, at home, with work / life integration (in some cases all three) -- or who simply feel stuck in some aspect of their career or life. We help clients ‘pull up’ from the immediate challenges, refocus on what really matters, assist them in developing a plan, and inspire them to move forward.


RECOVERY coaching

We also work with clients who’ve hit the wall due to substance abuse, addictive behaviors, or other major life interruptions. Together we develop a plan to help them regain and maintain equilibrium during recovery from these situations, ensuring they return to a grounded state -- and are able to return to peak performance.