In my latest video I share two powerful words that are incredibly helpful to hear when we’re stuck or when we’ve hit the wall. Those words? Me, too.

Me, too.

“Me, too” creates an immediate connection. That connection allows us to tell a story, and storytelling is essential to taking people on a journey with us. “Me, too” also creates trust and conveys empathy. The result? We’re able to help someone move forward -- or be helped to move forward if we’re the one hearing “me, too.”

One of my favorite strengths in StrengthsFinder is Relator, the ability to deepen relationships. People with this strength are great at “me, too.” They understand the more you share, the more you risk. I would also add that the more you risk, the more you grow.

In his blog “Both Sides,” Mark Suster regularly invokes the concept of “me, too.” In a post titled “Getting Your Series A Mojo Back,” Mark wrote “If you’re in a startup that has struggled, know that you’re not alone — we’re all naked in the mirror in the morning.” (I suspect Relator is one of Mark's strengths!)

I knew “me, too” would be perfect for a blog, along with two other powerful pairs of words for maintaining -- or jumpstarting -- momentum.

I am.

We all question ourselves, especially when obstacles emerge and momentum begins to stall. “Am I am on the right path?” for example.

But what if you flip that, magnifying the positive of the situation to create something empowering? For example, “I am on the path.” Take that for a test drive, or try one of these three to see if they might be meaningful to a situation you encounter today: “I am taking action. I am making an impact. I am in this for the long haul.”

The right “I am” statement fuels you with greater mental toughness by taking you away from obsessive thinking that's often directed into the future by bringing you back to where you can make the greatest impact: the present.

“We will” promotes a higher level of commitment, action, and accountability.

“We will” promotes a higher level of commitment, action, and accountability.

We will.

When I’m coaching an individual, “we will” creates a sense of partnership and community. And we all grow through community! When I’m coaching a team, “we will” grounds the team in decisions we’ve made together -- typically through a Breakthrough Jam Session. “We will” promotes a higher level of commitment, action, and accountability.

Here’s one of my favorite examples. When I joined a company that had kickoff planning already underway, I was shocked to learn that not only was Marketing not involved, they weren’t even invited to attend! I rallied the Marketing team with, “We will be there -- and we will get a standing ovation from Sales for the great work we’ll do on their behalf.”

There were non-believers, a lot of “Yeah, that’s not gonna happen” because of several long-term disconnects between the two teams. A strong “we will” statement turned things around. And, by the way, the team did get that ovation.

Give THEM a try!

Ultimately, all three of these phrases equip you to help yourself, a colleague, or a team you’re leading move forward and return to GSD. If you’re looking to get back “into the flow,” try using these. And let me know how they work!

As always, thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you found this helpful, and I’d love to hear from you! You can email me at, or connect with me via Twitter or LinkedIn.