It’s the time of the year when I close messages with a wish for success in putting a giant “!” on 2018.
Earlier this month I had the opportunity to put a giant exclamation point on my 2018, and I’m stoked to tell you about it!
Bronwyn Sagliembeni, host of the podcast 20 Minutes with Bronwyn, invited me to join her show. Bronwyn is a kick-ass coach, writer, and speaker devoted to helping people shine. If you’re appearing on CNBC’s Power Lunch, having a sit down with Oprah, or stepping onto the TED stage you call Brownwyn. She’s helped clients shine in those—and many other—spotlight moments.
More than all of that, Bronwyn is energy. The kind of energy you encounter and respond with, “I’m grabbing your hand because I know we’ll be able to GSD together—and have a hell of a good time doing it.”
Now that I've established my Bronwyn fanboy credentials, a reminder that my ‘true north’ is meaningful relationships, meaningful experiences, and meaningful work—in that order, always.
Our nearly 20 year relationship—and the experience jamming with Bronwyn on this podcast— connects deeply to that ‘meaningful’ core. Most importantly, the work we did that chilly Monday when Bronwyn stopped by my office with her energy and two very impressive looking microphones was meaningful in ways that still resonates with me.
There’s no shortage of people, places, and things that will clamor for your attention over this holiday season. If you do have a moment to listen to this podcast, I'd be grateful. (Just click on the 20 Minutes with Bronwyn image. Our episode is titled Let Go or Be Dragged — Ben Kiker Sets Me Straight.) And I would love learning what was meaningful for you!

As always, thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you found this helpful, and I’d love to hear from you! You can email me at, or connect with me via Twitter or LinkedIn.