In the mid 1950s, Walt Disney was standing in the middle of an orange grove in Anaheim, California, speaking with a reporter. After Disney outlined his vision for what he was about to build, the reporter remarked, “That sounds impossible." Disney responded with, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” The rest, of course, is history. Disneyland became the foundation for a media juggernaut whose market cap today is approaching $200 billion.

We love that quote because sometimes the hardest thing to do is connect the blank sheet of paper to an outcome (or an orange grove to a theme park). And that’s an area where we excel, especially when bridging the gap between Sales and Marketing is required to turbocharge revenue. Our approach is action-oriented and includes:

  • Connecting with the team to develop trust

  • Understanding what’s going on in the business at a deeper, systemic level

  • Cutting through the clutter and day-to-day distractions to bring laser focus

As your coach, you get someone who is sales savvy, gets his hands dirty, and delivers results fast—all while making it fun for everyone involved. We'll come together as one team, jointly attack hot spots, and develop a plan that differentiates and wins.


Over Ben’s 25+ year career of building and leading high performance teams, he identified six principles essential to taking action—and to staying in action. 


breakout storytelling

All markets have one thing in common: they're noisy. To rise above that noise, everyone needs to aggressively "tell and sell" a breakout story—a story that rises above that noise. Unfortunately, most stories fall far short of that mark, resulting in what can best be described as the "wah wah" sound emitted by Charlie Brown's teacher in Peanuts. Learn how we work with clients to develop a kick-ass story everyone is pumped to deliver.

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big m marketing

Do you have a marketing team or a Marketing team? Small ‘m’ marketers execute tactics and programs, while ‘Big M’ marketers develop strategies that drive the business. Small ‘m’ teams are viewed as service organizations developing presentations, hosting events, and (hopefully)  generating leads. ‘Big M’ teams set the pace and tone. They have a seat at the table. Learn how we help teams adopt the 'Big M' mindset.


breakthrough jam session

A Breakthrough Jam Session is ideal when you need fresh thinking, a creative burst of energy, or an extra pair of hands to get a key project over the finish line. Examples include Sales & Marketing alignment, product launches, and M&A activity. A jam session is GSD in its purest: working across organizations, figuring out what needs to be done, and then making it happen. Learn how we help teams spark creativity and renew focus.