If you’ve hit the wall due to substance abuse or other addictions, We can help. As EIRs (Executives In Recovery), we understand what it takes to change. We’ve done it the wrong way -- and the right way. Two of the most powerful words we offer clients are, “Me, too.”

When we realized I had a problem, our first thought was, “I can handle this.” The reality is the disease of addiction is complicated. The good news? Recovering -- and staying recovered -- is possible. It just takes practice and guidance from others who’ve been there. You don’t have to navigate this on your own.

"Being in active addiction is hard work, and the result is a rapidly shrinking life. Being in recovery is work -- but the reward is a life that quickly expands.*

Recovery is about putting the pieces together, and that’s what a great coach does. We help clients with all stages of recovery, especially early recovery when it comes to blending recovery with the demands of an intense career. We have deep experience in helping clients return to a healthy, productive life by:

Embracing Recovery: We’ll help you take the risk to start, and then to get comfortable with making recovery an integral part of who you are. You should love recovery, not feel imprisoned by it.

Committing to Recovery: By tapping into your strengths (or discovering them ),  we’ll help you discover your authentic self -- and use that to build and maintain momentum.

Building Confidence for Recovery: Together we’ll build an action plan that’s sustainable, working to overcome one of the biggest obstacles we face in early recovery: fear.

Our goal is to coach you on a journey that leads to integrity, the process of becoming whole again. Returning to a place where you feel “in the flow” of life  -- not pushing (or being pulled).

It’s a place where you’ll discover your authentic self. And it’s a place where you’ll be able to live happy, joyous, and free.

eight EXAMPLES OF HOW We can help you

  • Identify and tailor tools that increase your resiliency

  • Transition from treatment back to the 'real-world'

  • Case management with your treatment team and key stakeholders

  • Jam on handling day-to-day challenges

  • Work with -- not against -- your ITG (Insane Thought Generator)

  • Refocus (or rebuild) your career to support ongoing recovery

  • Build stronger, more meaningful relationships

  • Create accountability, including establishing healthy routines

  • Provide intervention support and identification of appropriate inpatient or outpatient facilities


Watch this brief video to learn how we help clients achieve meangingful, transformative change through business, executive, and recovery coaching.

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